You can't see what's invisible to you!

That's why an intuitive reading can tremendously assist you in moving your present forward!

Imagine... having access to more information about yourself and the world than you do now.


Imagine... making better informed decisions about your career, your life choices, your relationships, or the future.


Imagine... having the opportunity to exchange with a non-judgmental, neutral, and caring person who could act as a sounding board.


Imagine... being able to create a new “life code” filled with love, healthy relationships, financial abundance, and peace of mind.

But before this can happen, people who reach out to me usually feel more like...

“I feel I should be somewhere else in my life.”


“I feel challenged and overwhelmed as everything seems to be happening - or falling apart - at the same time!”


“I just don’t know what else to do.

Whatever I do, it never seems to be enough.”


“I’m going through a difficult time, and everyone around is expecting me to keep it together. I’m exhausted!”


“What’s wrong with me?”


“My impatience and frustration are starting to have an impact

on my relationships, and my career.”


“I am so tired to be tired all the time!”

It’s not your fault, but it sure feels like it! I so understand! 
But remember, you're not alone. We all have blind spots!

As an Intuitive Coach, I can help you on many levels:
  • Expose what is playing against you, and keeping you stuck on the same page of your story.


  • Discern what’s happening beneath the surface of your current situation.


  • Share other people’s agendas, or identify the “voices” of the past that keep you bonded to your present circumstances.


  • Give you the intuitive insight you need so you can see your current circumstances with a newfound awareness.


  • Help you make peace with your present life, and identify actions you can take to propel you into the future with a whole new sense of identity and purpose.


  • Restore peace in your mind, and guide you so you can tap into an unlimited source of energy.





During an Intuitive Coaching session, Isabel connects with your energy so she can assist you in understanding the dynamic and patterns that are mainly active in your life. She will shed some light on aspects of your life that needs to be addressed, and help you walk through life transitions.


30-minute Personal Intuitive Session
60-minute Personal Intuitive Session
We have worked together in the past, and you've had a glimpse
of what intuitive guidance can do for you? 
You're now ready to take your life to a whole new level, collapse time, and make quantum shifts?
It's time to consider VIP Intuitive Coaching!