Reconnect With Yourself


Reconnect With Yourself is a program that I specifically designed for people who


  • want to live a more fulfilling and spiritual life

  • know that there is MORE to life than what is reflected around them

  • want to step into their true potential and discover their self-worth

  • want to make positive and lasting changes in their lives

  • desire to let go of their old stories and limitations and step into the unknown

  • are curious about intuition and want to learn how to tap into it

During this six-month intensive program, we will work together on different topics that will provide a strong foundation for the more fulfilling life you want to experience and enjoy.

Each month, there will be a new topic to explore such as Love to Meditate, Tap Into Your Intuition, Meet Your Guides, Uncover Your BS (belief system!), Learn to Receive, and Goal Manifestation Technique.


And of course, you will also have access to my intuition and psychic abilities during this period! I will help you find out what is mainly active in your energy field, what limiting beliefs are running the show below your awareness, and realize what kind of "offerings" you are projecting into the world. 

There will be twelve 75-minute private Intuitive Coaching sessions with me with occasional "check-ins" should you have specific questions on the monthly topic or the homework given for that period. Yes, there will be some exercises to do between our sessions so you can practice and really anchor those new habits into your daily routine! And in case you just have a quick question for me, you will have access to me via email at

And to accompany you during this journey, there will be a transformational toolkit filled with tools, exercises, theory, reminders and more!

Get private access to my intuition and psychic abilities for 6 months!

Curious to know if this program is for you? Let's talk!

Because I only work with people who are as passionate as me, I love to have a chat first! During the call, we will get the chance to know each other a little bit better, and we will determine if this program is right for you!

Contact me at info@isabeltremblay to book your free discovery session!