For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been very sensitive, and connected to animals. I didn’t feel I belonged anywhere other than in nature! 


I could read energy as one reads the newspaper! I didn’t know exactly what I was doing, only to realize years later that I was actually sensing the “unseen” and the “unsaid”.  


At times, the conflicting messages - between the spoken words and the energy I was reading - were overwhelming. 


I knew I was different, but I quickly learned that it was better to just blend in. Being unique was not an option!


So I followed the “regular” path, and got two university degrees, and a good job. A few years later, two semesters into an MBA, it became obvious that I was not following my highest excitement and joy. 


I knew I was supposed to do something different, but I couldn’t concretely articulate it.


Interestingly, there were always signs along the way, but I didn’t seem to “get” them... but others did! I had a boss who used to ask me to walk by the closed door of a conference room, and report back with my “sense” of the atmosphere in the room. She thought my “energy readings” were pretty accurate and helped her better prepare prior to her attendance!


I did ”get” the message though when my beloved dog Annabelle unexpectedly died. From that moment on, everything changed.

When I lost her, I was devastated. I’d barely had time to say goodbye nor how much I loved her that she was gone. At that very moment, on the cold floor on an emergency room, I promised her that I would learn how to connect with her... on the other side. 


Even today, I still don’t know where those words came from, but the intensity was so great that this time, there was no way I could have missed the message.


That very night, I became obsessed with animal communication. And while still grieving her loss, I went on a journey of soul discovery, and the development of my intuitive gifts.

"I became obsessed with animal communication." 


Over the years, I’ve studied with the best teachers and schools, and learned to harness my intuitive abilities.


Growing up, I would have never guessed that one day I would be using my sensitivity to help bridge the gap between people and animals. I never would have thought that my personal experiences - the fun ones, the not-too-bad ones, and the ugly ones - would shape the intuitive guide that I am now. While I still consider myself a “work in progress”, I absolutely love the badass that I have become!


Using my personal learning experiences, my education along with my intuitive abilities, I now help other people discover their unique and infinite potential.


I also have the honour to be the voice of animals, and share their wisdom. I am their faithful advocate.


I am a champion of the voiceless.


"I love the badass that I have become!"



Transitioned November 23rd, 2020

Wise and insightful. 

He is my source of wisdom and inspiration.


Helping from the other side

Determined and playful. She is my source of joy and spontaneity.


Helping from the other side

Young at heart and a bit goofball. He is my source of creativity.

"When I look into an animal's eyes, I see my own soul staring back at me."