How it all started!

For as long as I can remember, I've always been very sensitive and connected to animals. I could read energy as one reads the newspaper! For years, I didn't know that my intuition and psychic abilities were actually my gifts!

My story really began with the passing of my sweet Annabelle. When I lost her, I was devastated. I barely had time to say goodbye nor how much I loved her that she was gone. At that very moment, on the cold floor of an emergency room, I knew I had to learn how to connect with her on the other side. That night, I became obsessed with animal communication. While still grieving her loss, I started to read, study and learn everything I could find on the subject.


Over the years, this passion has become my purpose and my way of living. I am now the voice of animals. I am their faithful advocate and I share their wisdom every time I can. I am still an avid learner as I always try to improve my skills and knowledge. I lead by example.

"I became obsessed with animal communication." 

As I was developing my intuitive abilities to communicate with animals, I also happened to improve and deepen my aptitude at reading people's energy. Somehow, I knew I had always done it. The difference was that this time, I was doing it with intention and purpose!

My personal experiences - the fun ones, the not-too-bad ones, and the ugly ones - shaped the human being that I am today. While I still consider myself as being a "work in progress", I love the badass that I have become! 

Using my personal learning experiences along with my new awareness and knowledge about my intuitive abilities, I now bridge the gap between humans and animals and I help people discovering their own awesomeness 


I absolutely love what I do!

"I love the badass that I have become!"


My shadow!

Handsome and insightful... he is my source of wisdom and peace.

Meet The Team


Helping from the other side

Determined and playful. She is my source of joy and spontaneity.


Helping from the other side

Young at heart and a bit goofball. He is my source of creativity.

When I look into my dog's eyes, I see my own soul staring back at me.

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