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Isabel came into my life like a gift from heaven, like an Angel.

I am living with my dogs and two of them are really next to death: one is sick and the other is very old.

When Isabel wrote to me she was very delicate and she offered me a contact with them. It was the best gift after a magic wand I could desire: understand exactly, without my "filter" what it would the best for my doggies, from THEIR point of view, not mine or clinic.


She described my life like if she was with me. And she described my Tobia as she was into his head, into his heart. She talked to me touching my soul, because she "saw" some images that really happened and nobody except me and my Tobia could know!


She gave me a freedom, a serenity, a new way to live with. I think I can cope the moment of "goodbye" with awareness and gratefulness. I feel better, now I met her. I feel better because I know there is someone who can translate and make me clear what is the best, not for me but for my beloved dogs... Most of the time we are too next to them to understand clearly what they try to say..


Isabel is the best translator ever! Thank you, Isabel, deeply from my heart...

Donatella T. -- Italy

I had a wonderful reading with Isabel! 


She helped me become cognizant that the bond I have with my dog is stronger than I had realized. Through the insights and answers she provided me with from his perspective, I was given a sense of clarity and relief in the path I need to take with him.


I had only recently felt that I needed to go on this path, and without knowing my intentions prior to our reading Isabel was able to tell me how my dog felt about it. Through her, I was able to see that he would be comfortable and satisfied with this path and it was extremely reassuring.


Overall, Isabel renewed the hope and excitement that I have for my dog's training through her reading. She even shared what my dog felt he was doing to help me in my life, and it was so true. It was a very meaningful moment for me and has prompted a lot of self-reflection, and will continue to do so. 


The extra time and effort she took to help delineate my dog's messages was so kind and much appreciated, she even answered a question for me via e-mail after our reading! It was an excellent experience and I look forward to doing another reading with her in the future.

Lydia C. -- Canada

I feel like I won the jackpot! Isabel was quick to get into contact with me after the bidding was over. I booked my session, and can say that I was pleased with the reading. 

I really wanted to find out if I had broken my Zeus' heart when I took in a new pup, and I was happy to find out that, although Zeus wasn't too thrilled about it at first, he's happy to have her around now. 

A lot of very helpful information was shared with me regarding Zeus' state of mind.

What I noticed during the reading -- as soon as Isabel connected with Zeus, his ears perked up, and he looked directly at me from across the room where he was sleeping. As we chatted, he moved closer and sat on the loveseat next to me, and watched me. The pup was also aware that something was happening. She sat next to me on the couch and watched with her ears perked up. Zeus communicated that his doggy sibling can be overzealous at times. 

After the reading, I noticed that the pup gives Zeus more space and doesn't harass him as much. Zeus, who has been mopey for months now, has spring back in his step. He looks happy again.

I am planning on booking a second reading for my pup, and one for myself as well.

I highly recommend Isabel.

Mimma S. -- Canada

Working with Isabel to better understand my dog, Jack, has been an illuminating and supportive experience. Unexpectedly, it also turned out to be illuminating for myself.


Isabel’s reading of Jack and of me was like looking into a freshly polished mirror: my unexpressed gut instincts were reflected back to me, with clarity, and with new information to help me see what Jack needed and what my role was in meeting those needs.


After speaking with Isabel, I spent some time writing down my intentions, concerns, and goals, and promised Jack a different way of approaching our days as a first step in helping him recover from a chronic tummy problem and a new diagnosis of congestive heart failure.


Jack’s general way of being and his attitude toward me was different as of the very next day. We still have more work to do, but with daily commitments, I can detect a shift — not just in Jack, but in me, too.


I feel more centered, Jack’s health is improving, and I feel like he and I are connecting again in a way that we hadn’t in many, many months. This wouldn’t have happened without Isabel’s insight, professionalism, support, and guidance.

Dawn O. --Canada

I had the pleasure of having two readings with Isabel, one was with my dog Laina that crossed over about a month ago and the other was with my Dog Finley who is alive.


The first reading brought me to tears as Isabel was spot on with Laina and her energy. She explained her energy as very grounded but she has a soft presence. I am still grieving her terribly and this is making it hard to receive guidance from her. This is very true, I notice I feel her presence more when I think about the happy memories we had together then the sadness that she is no longer here in her physical body. 


The second reading was with my dog Finley. Isabel said she feels like smiling when she was picking up on his energy, and he is always trying to make me laugh. This gave me chills because a lot of people that come into contact with Finley have said that he makes them feel happy. One vet tech came over to me and Finley while we were waiting to see the vet and she said I don’t know why but he just makes me smile.


Isabel’s readings were so accurate it gave me peace and helped me start the process of letting that heavy grief go of Laina so I can be more open to receiving her guidance.


I also found out that I have to learn to laugh and enjoy moments with Finley because they are precious, he is also here with me to help my heart heal!


Just to confirm what she said, after the reading with Finley, I felt a closer spiritual bond with him, my family commented on how clingy he has been and just “staring” at me and leaning against me. He even tried to make me laugh that day when he stood up on his hind legs and took a couple steps, he looked so funny and made me laugh so hard, it felt so good to laugh that loud! “

Patricia B. -- Florida

I have experienced many coaching sessions from different approaches and styles. I really appreciated working with Isabel!


She was able to see clearly in my current life situation, and I was impressed by the accuracy of the messages and observations she shared.


Isabel communicated clearly the messages she received and her detailed images and knowing resonated deeply. Everything felt so much clearer after our session!


Her authenticity and sharp intuition made me trust her abilities and the information she shared with me. 

Sylvie H. --Canada

I spoke with Isabel for about 45 minutes and the time flew by.


I was skeptical about my session since I’ve never done anything like this before. All she knew was my first name and my dog’s name.


However, I was amazed at how Isabel accurately connected to my feelings and my personality. She was in tune with describing me and how I felt. I needed some peace of mind about how my dog was handling my divorce.


Isabel talked about the bond between my dog and I like she knew us personally. She described my dog quite well and communicated the calming words that I was hoping to hear from my dog. I quickly felt at ease speaking to Isabel because of her kind and caring nature. I recommend her!

E. S. -- NYC

I had a reading with Isabel, and it was such a positive experience. It helped me look deeper within myself, with my relationship with my dog and why we are in each other's lives.


She was very professional and made this experience better than I could have imagined. Thanks Isabel, you're simply amazing!

Suzanne P. -- Canada

Isabel began the session by asking me if I had ever had a reading with an animal communicator. When I said no, this is my first, she carefully explained what I could expect and how she worked. 

First she connected to me and made some very accurate observations about my character, personality and health.  After some time with me, she connected to my cat.  She surprised me when she said something about my cat’s missing teeth…actually, a few years ago, my cat had serious gum disease and most of her teeth were extracted.  

Isabel then went deeper, connecting to the soul of my cat.  I had a couple of questions for my cat and Isabel was able to give me answers that made sense.  I know that she was speaking my cat’s truth.

I found Isabel to be charming, warm, intuitive, helpful and smart.  The reading was just a few days ago and I am still processing information I received while trying to apply what I have learned.  

Barbara K. -- NYC

Isabel, I just wanted to thank you again for your beautiful gift of a reading today. I had a hard time expressing my gratitude for fear of becoming even more emotional than I already was, but I would like for you to know how much it means to me to have received this information.

You tapped into my personality and into Princeys energy so accurately, and I got from your reading so much more than I anticipated.

I have been having a hard time letting go, but I feel I understand now that I have to honor Prince by learning from him, rather than simply holding on to his memory.

Thank you so much for this beautiful experience, and for your patience in making sure I truly understood the messages being communicated.

I appreciate you and your healing gift.

Thanks again.

Miriam F. -- Canada

Dearest Isabel, I want to thank you again for the incredibly beautiful session the other day. It lightened my heart a lot. I’ve been trying to be much more present with Leo, and even with the awareness that I often want to run away. But I tell him all of this too. 


Feeling like he needs to be leaving his body sooner rather than later but I have a fear that I might be pushing it, but then again probably not at this point. 


Thank you for all the time the other day, plus lots of loving tears too. Also for not pushing me in anyway and being so gentle throughout the process. I was feeling a lot, as you know. The biggest question about giving Leo some help to leave his body was pretty crucial for me. When we finished I felt so at peace with what he said, and what I learned.


 I am so grateful to you and want to encourage you to keep up this good work with us and our fur kids...


Big big hug with love from Leo and me,


Ayama M. --California, USA

I had originally met Isabel in a group, where we practiced animal communication. At that time, Isabel had given a reading with my dog Markie and my cat Charlee. It was the most specific reading I had had thus far from any student.


Therefore, when I recently started having an issue with Markie, I remembered Isabel and decided I would ask her for help.


This time again, Isabel was spot on! Honestly, a lot of readings I've had before had been vague, but Isabel (with the help of Markie) really got to the bottom of the issue.


She is straight-forward, and I really feel that she cares about the outcome of the reading.  I definitely recommend Isabel!

Erin H. --PA, USA

I want to start off by saying this was my first real reading and I loved it! Isabel was able to answer all my questions and gave accurate descriptions of my dogs and their thoughts.
I wanted to focus on my dogs for this reading because I recently just moved from a house to an apartment and I wanted to see how the change affected them. I also have a yellow lab who is very anxious and I wanted to know what caused his anxiety.
Isabel was amazing!
She was able to explain vivid details about my dogs and how they were feeling. She gave me tips on how I can help all my dogs and was very professional and thorough.
I felt like a weight had been lifted off my chest after the reading because all my questions were answered. I was very impressed because she even told me a couple of things that my dogs wanted to tell me and it all just made perfect sense.
Thank you again Isabel! I enjoyed our session and I can’t wait to book again! 
Victoria C. --Houston, Texas

I have been looking for an animal communicator for a long time. I had one piece of closure I needed with one of my animal companions.


When I first met Isabel, I knew she is who I wanted to trust my reading with.


A couple of weeks later, I am still blown away and incorporating everything Isabel and my animals in the Spirit World had to say.


Not only have I walked away with a great sense of peace and ease, but my heart has opened up to a new level of kindness.


Words cannot express adequately enough what she has done for me.


Isabel is professional, kind, safe and incredibly gifted. I have already referred her to many of my clients and friends and will continue to do so.


I am forever grateful. Thank you, Isabel


Psychic Medium Amy Utsman

--Atlanta, GA

It's always an honour to connect with people and animals from around the world... Canada, USA, South America, Caribbean, UK, Italy, and Africa. 
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