Intuitive Consulting

An intuitive reading can tremendously help you when facing life challenges and transitions, difficult relationships, or when you feel stuck and need a little bit of guidance to move forward!

Imagine having access to more information about yourself and the world than you do now!

Imagine making better informed decisions about your career, your life choices, your relationships, or the future?

Imagine having the opportunity to exchange with a non-judgmental, neutral, and caring person who could act as a sounding board?

Well, it's all possible!

After receiving many requests from existing and new clients, I have decided to resume my personal intuitive sessions with humans... no beloved pet required!

Clients who experienced an animal communication reading with me know the value and insights they can get during such sessions!


Between You and Your Soul

Personal Intuitive Consulting

During an Intuitive Consulting session, Isabel connects with your energy so she can assist you in understanding the dynamic and patterns that are mainly active in your life. She will shed some light on aspects of your life that needs to be addressed, and help you walk through life transitions.


30-minute Personal Intuitive Session
60-minute Personal Intuitive Session
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