Your pet CAN talk!

I am very passionate about animals, and I am so very grateful to share their wisdom, and be their faithful messenger. 


We have so much to learn from them!

People who ask me to connect with their beloved animals have all similar desires and intentions:


  • deepening their relationship and bond with their pets

  • improving the life and comfort of their furry friends

  • doing what is best for their faithful companions

  • uncovering why their animal is behaving a certain way

  • understanding what their pet is trying to tell them

In short, they have their beloved animals' best interests at heart!

While each person may have very different questions for their animal, they all have the same foundation: compassion, love, affection, and peace of mind. 

"My dog is a rescue and I don't know his past... how can I help him adapt to his new life?"

"I've just gone through a divorce... is my dog happy to have stayed with me?"

"My dog has been sick for weeks. I don't want him to suffer... does he need help to transition?"

"My cat seems to be hiding from my other cats... is there something I can do to help her?"

"My horse is very picky with his food... what can I do?"


So... what questions do you have for your beloved animal?


"I found Isabel to be charming, warm, intuitive, helpful and smart."

Barbara K. --NYC




During an Intuitive Animal Communication reading, Isabel connects with your energy and the energy of your animal so she can assist you in understanding the dynamic and bond that exist between you two. She will uncover the reason your animal is in your life, how he is assisting you with your soul evolution, and ways to work with him towards a deeper and closer relationship. There is also time when you can ask questions to your animal.

30-minute reading
Complete Reading - Time to ask one question
45-minute reading
In-depth reading - Time to ask 2-4 questions


There comes a time in the life of an animal where we are confronted with the heartbreaking decision to say one last goodbye. While sometimes we know it is the right thing to do, there are situations where we really wished we could ask our pet for guidance and direction.


Is my dog in pain? 

Does he need help to transition? 

Is she done with her life purpose? 


Those questions can make an already tough decision even harder. Isabel's personal experience as well as her intuitive abilities to connect with your beloved animal can assist you in making the best possible decision given the circumstances.

30-minute reading
When you need to talk... and want some guidance...
45-minute reading
When you really don't know...


Losing a beloved pet is a heartbreaking and extremely difficult experience. Often there can be guilt and doubts, especially if we are unsure as to whether we made the right decision. Other times, we just miss our furry friend and want to ensure that she is free and happy. Using her mediumistic abilities, Isabel can communicate with your animal on the other side, ask questions you may have regarding his passing, and share messages he has for you.

30-minute reading
Because it feels good to get some news!
45-minute reading
When you need more time to talk!

***An animal communication reading cannot be considered a medical diagnosis nor a replacement for veterinary care.

***An animal communication reading is not a replacement for obedience training nor a behavioural consultation.

***Please read the cancellation and reschedule policy in the FAQs section.

Animal communication is a natural ability that I have developed, practiced, and perfected over the years. By quieting my mind and trusting the information I perceive, I transcend the barriers that "seem" to separate us from animals and give them a voice. I like to say that I am fluent in three languages... French, English and Interspecies! 

Chez Angela_moi et cheval - copie.jpg

After our session, my dog lay down on me and started kissing me for a good 10 minutes. He was probably happy to have been able to convey his feelings! I feel much closer to him now, thank you!

H. S. --Canada

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