Intuitive Coaching

Rewrite Your Life Story

and become your own hero!


I can see the badass in you!

I know you want more in life than your 9-5 desk job, your same pattern relationships, and your same level income.

You just don't know anymore how to stop creating more of the same! You feel you have tried everything to change your current life situation, but in vain!


Imagine working with a coach who can help you clear blockages, uncover annoying patterns, gain clarity on the life your want to create for yourself, and help you achieve the desired results you have been trying to create for so long!

Now, imagine that you can experience such transformation with a highly intuitive coach, who can help you achieve fantastic results, while saving you months or years of challenges and pain, thanks to the intuitive guidance and information that would not be readily accessible to you otherwise.

If you are wondering if this intensive Intuitive Coaching program is for you, read the following statements and see if you can relate:

“I keep seeing the same situations happening in my life and I cannot move beyond them.

What am I missing?!”

"I feel stuck in my job! I know I should be doing something else, but I don't know what's my soul calling!"


“I keep attracting the same type of partners, 

and I wonder if I will ever be in a fulfilling and healthy relationship.”


“I feel blocked! It’s seems that my life is not going anywhere!”


“I constantly feel that I’m not doing enough or that I’m just not good enough!”


“Every time I make some improvement, it’s like I find a way to sabotage my progress.

What’s wrong with me?”

Sounds familiar?

Trust me, I totally get it!! I have been in those shoes and I know how frustrating it can be! 

You want


that helps you

Understand that there is nothing wrong with you!
You just need a little update in the belief department and some guidance.
Quit comparing yourself to others!
We are all on a unique journey, so it's time to focus all the attention on yourself.
Create the life you want to experience!
You are unique but not different! You too can break free from your past and enjoy the freedom, joy and confidence you've been craving for so long!
Get clear on what you desire and go for it!
Build your own tool kit so you know what to do and when to do it to create the changes you want to see.
Become confident in the new reality you're creating!
Work with someone who has your back and receive the support and structure you need during the transition.

It's your time to be at the top of your to-do list and become your own priority!

And I'm here to make sure your old stories 

won't hold you back!

6 Months

Immersion Program

We spend six months working intimately on your unique needs to create:
  • A clear vision of what you want... so you can attract...

  • Clear boundaries based of your values...

  • An easy to process that you can repeat to bring more good stuff in your life

  • ...

  • ...

By the end of our six months together, you'll have complete clarity on your values and belief system you want to live by, an easy to follow process to stay on track and keep improving, and the perfect manifestation process so you can create in your life the changes you've always want to see and earn what your work is really worth. 

In summary, here are the three pillars we'll be working on

I am extremely passionate about what I do and want to make the best use of my time and intuitive abilities, I therefor only work with people who...


  • are ready for positive changes in their life

  • want to express their inner rebel and stop following the masses

  • want to dictate their own rules and stop behaving a certain way to please others


  • are ready to become a priority in their life and take the necessary steps to prove it


  • are brave enough to step into the unknown and try something different


  • are ready to shed their old self and stories 


  • want to be in charge of their life and make it happen the way they want


  • know they deserve more in life and are ready to invest their time and energy to get it



If you checked three or more, you are definitely the type of person I would love to help! 

Results you can expect from working with me:

  • Uncover your true self and create a life that inspires you

  • Clear hidden blockages so they no longer prevent you from reaching your true potential

  • Overcome self-imposed limitations and finally discover the powerful being that you are

  • Uncover and acknowledge your limiting beliefs and stories so they no longer manifest in your life

  • Learn new tools and strategies and use them as guides to navigate freely into a brand new reality

  • Let go of the self-sabotaging behaviours that are holding you back

  • Find your soul's purpose and get clarity on how to manifest your dream job

  • Learn how to use your intuition and internal guidance system to attract amazing opportunities and people

  • Make peace with your past and create an exciting future 

  • Learn how to use your mind and make it work for you instead of against you

  • Live a more spiritual life in harmony with your true self

  • Learn how to listen to your soul's calling and take concrete actions towards your deepest desires

  • Feel confident and joyful in every area of your life

  • Love and accept who you are and live a meaningful life based on your own rules

  • Become a priority in your life and be happy with it!

Here's the package that awaits you once you decide to become a priority in your life:

  • Access to my intuition and psychic abilities: This is like having access to a super power!

  • Six months of private Intuitive Coaching: We will work together to expose what is standing in your way and help you get on a path where you can finally see the changes you have been craving for!

  • Twelve 75-minute Zoom sessions: This is our special time together! This is when we co-create, dig deep, transform and generate AWE moments!

  • Email access: Between our sessions, if you need some guidance about a specific topic, ask me a laser-focused question or get some help getting back on track, I will be there!


Are you ready to stop hiding and spread your wings? 

If you are seriously happy and excited to co-create with me, it is first essential to talk so we can see if are a perfect fit. Contact me at to set up a free chat. I am quite eager to discover how I can support you on the path to amazing transformations!

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed therapist and my services do not replace the care of healthcare professionals.

Ready to create a life that amazes you and see if we are the perfect it?