What About Emotional Trauma in Pets?

These past few weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of work with people and their rescued pets.

While all of them provided a very loving and comfortable home to their new best friends, they’re also a bit confused to see that love, good food and exercise didn’t seem enough to “ease” their pets.

One of the reasons is that as soon as a pet starts to “feel” or “know” that his security - aka his home and routine - is compromised, there is an energetic trauma that occurs.

That trauma can be on different levels, and can also go from light to extremely heavy.

Animals are very sensitive and highly intuitive.

They are well in tune with what’s going on in the energetic field of their people.

Mystics call it “aura”, science calls it “energetic field” or “subtle energy”, other PhDs and researchers call it “morphic field”.

In the end, what matters is that animals can “read” that energy and know, way before it happens, that their security and safety will change.

That, in itself, is a trauma for the animal.

And what about a horse that was abused by his previous owner?

What about a stray cat who had to fight for his life and hide for days in a hole?

What about a dog who keeps being returned to the shelter?

That’s when traumas start pilling up.

The thing is... love, good food, and exercise cannot completely take care of trauma.

It can certainly help, and alleviate the discomfort, but it will not make the boo boo go away.

Just like your healthy lifestyle won’t take care of the negative beliefs you unconsciously live by. It’ll help, but more has to be done to uncover and heal the wounds.

Since animals are just like humans, whatever is not acknowledged, expressed, released and/or healed, will remain in the energetic field and within the body.

And just like with humans, if not dealt with, the stuck energy will have to find a way to express itself.

Those energetic pockets of trauma can be anywhere, and can take many different forms: itchy skin, anxiety, reactivity, multiple health conditions, neediness, recurrent infections, etc.

And since you share a soul contract with your beloved pet, the lessons involved will also have an influence on how they express what’s going on in their energy.

A good thing to keep in mind when dealing with your pets is to know that they are so much more than their physical bodies.

Just like humans, they live their lives on the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual levels.

What can you do to help?

Keep a journal of "life events" to help you track what might be the cause of trauma.

Acknowledge the role you may be playing in the situation, and see what you can change to improve it.

Compassion for all involved and energy healing can make all the difference when your best attempts didn't lead to the well-being your were hoping for for your beloved pets.

The wonderful thing is that by helping the animals you share your life with, you get to know yourselves better, express the emotions that have been repressed often for years, bringing a certain level of healing for all involved.