A Dog and His Mission

In their own unique way, animals affect our thoughts and emotions, and ultimately, our lives.

They help shape a better version of ourselves with their behaviours, their “perceived” stubbornness, and their unconditional love.

A dog who “may appear” to do silly things all the time might actually be on a very special mission to make his owner laugh.

That shift of energy and focus would therefore lead to a much lighter and better quality state of being.

And since we can only change our life by changing our way of being, it’s easy to understand how important that mission is!

Of course, the animals in our lives don’t all have that same “mission”!

At times, they will pass on messages that might not always be fun nor enjoyable!

Think of a cat who would stop using his litter box because her human’s life has become out of balance.

In an attempt to catch the attention of the human, the cat will use what he can - aka his body and/or behaviour - to create some discomfort.

Why discomfort? Because it seems that us, humans, learn more this way!

And we can be so stubborn that it’s only when that discomfort is too... “uncomfortable” that we finally decide to address what is out of alignment!

What’s amazing though is that in any cases, you can learn to see your animals as wonderful and accurate barometers.

Look beyond the silliness or discomfort to understand what your beloved animals are reflecting back at you as these are special messages from your soul while on your journey of self-discovery.