"Failures Don't Just Happen!"

"You create them by not following your own path."

When I heard myself pronounce these words during an intuitive session,

I was as surprised as my client!

Those moments of “higher” wisdom often happen as I’m never “alone” when I work! While that statement might sound somehow direct, the explanation I intuitively received afterwards turned out to make so much sense. When you have an idea for something you’d love to do

and you choose NOT to act on it

you also choose to fail ahead of time.

When you try to be someone else

and ignore your unique gifts

you also choose to ignore your soul’s calling.

Simple, but so deep when you’re open to consider the amplitude of it!

You see

when you follow YOUR highest excitements

you cannot fail

as the worst that can happen

is that you’ll learn more about that which YOU prefer.

You’ll become more of who YOU are.

You’ll get to know YOURSELF better.

And from that perspective

you have more data to bring YOUR present forward.

When you accept your uniqueness

and decide to empower that version of yourself

you’ll walk the path of least resistance

where “life lessons” are replaced by “data collection”!

You cannot hide from your higher self.

Sooner or later it will find you!

Work with it instead of running away from its nudges!

You didn’t come here to be someone else.