Do Horses Tell Jokes?!

In all my connections with animals, I’ve met many - many - many animals who had the greatest sense of humour!

They’re constantly looking for ways to have fun and “entertain” their humans.

Others are so calm that when I connect with them it feels as if the whole world had stopped.

No wonder their presence is peaceful and grounding!

Many pets are extremely chatty to a point where I can barely keep up!

In all cases, I’m always in awe of their wisdom.

Their understanding of life is far beyond what you could possibly conceive.

They have a broad view of the world and are aware of their existence.

And of course, they also have their very own opinions and preferences!

When you’re open to see beyond what you think you can perceive, or when you’re ready to put aside your human-made agenda, you’ll have access to the soothing energy of their “presence”.

You'll feel the joy to just “be”!

Clear your mind.

Just try it!

It’s so much fun!!