Animals Are Master Healers

Animals perceive your state of being, and respond to your energetic offering based on the soul contract they have with you, and what needs to be acknowledged by you.

Let’s say your cat has stopped using his litter box. How does that make you feel? What are you thinking? Notice where those emotions and thoughts take you. Exactly, down the rabbit hole! The non-desirable behaviour of your cat generated non-desirable feelings in you. And since those feelings are linked to a certain type of thoughts, you start thinking about what’s not working in your life , why those things always happen to you, etc. You get the picture!? And when this happens, you make the situation more about yourself than the litter box! You see, what you are experiencing is not so much about what your cat did, but about what needs to be acknowledged by you, and healed. It’s about what has been buried inside of you over the years, and that you’ve always managed to avoid. I don’t blame you, after all, who likes to feel emotions such as guilt, frustration, or not enoughness! I know, I’ve been there more often than you think! Annabelle, Oscar, and Boo took me for quite the ride over the past seventeen years! They did an amazing job at showing me my limiting beliefs, and how hard I was on myself. Our faithful companions are so dedicated to their mission of helping us evolve, that they will do whatever they can to show us that we are out of alignment with the greater part of us. Know that animals never waste energy. If they make you laugh by doing silly things, they know exactly why they are dragging their butt on the flour or zooming all over the place! And if your pet turns his back at you when you’re talking to him or when you’re trying to get his attention, once again, he’s just using his body to tell you something. The wonderful thing is that if you use the behaviour of your beloved pets as a barometer, they will let you know how you’re doing energetically. That’s why I never try to convince an animal to behave a certain way. As a messenger, I would lose their trust, and I would prevent their humans to grow, heal, and evolve. My role during an animal communication reading is to be a neutral messenger, communicate the concerns and desires of both sides, and uncover what needs to be addressed. That awareness is often enough to bring a relief in the situation as the animal feels that he has been heard, and that you’re “working on it”! Isn’t cool?! What have you learned from your animal lately?