Animals on a Mission

The animals in your life have a special mission, and with it comes some great joy, and at times, great discomfort!

As animal lovers, we all know how it feels to share our life with a beloved pet.

The love and affection can be so intense at times that it can bring tears to our eyes.

In challenging times however, when it seems that your beloved pet has a totally different way of seeing how things should be, it can generate a different set of emotions!

Know that when that happens, your furry friend is probably helping you discover which one of your beliefs is out of alignment!

What’s interesting is that the same belief is usually also quite active in other areas of your life.

Animals have that superpower to pinch our most sensitive cords, and the song they play is not always the one we want to hear!

I know how challenging this can be!

My beloved Annabelle, Oscar, and Boo brought me to my knees more than once!

The most difficult part is that since we are fully immersed in the situation, it can be hard to perceive what’s going on from a greater perspective.

After all, it is difficult to see the forest when our nose is right against a tree!

If animal communication is not your greatest skill, one thing you can do to understand what your furry companion is trying to help you with is to notice the way you feel when you both seem to have opposite views.

From there, look at other areas of your life to see where that same feeling is also present.

Notice if there are words or images popping in your mind that could direct you towards the belief.

Often, that awareness can help you shed some light on the message your pet wants to communicate, and you can then address the belief that is out of alignment.

Makes sense?