Uncomfortable Changes

If making changes was easy, everyone would do it!

If you have tried to make serious changes in your life, you know how challenging it can be!

You make the decision to change something, only to go back to your old self just a few hours later, often without even realize it!

First thing you know, your old record is playing it’s best tunes, and you react the same way to the exact same triggers.

Despite your best resolutions, your body seems to always be a few seconds ahead of you.

This is so annoying!!

Because you are so used to be efficient, practical and logical, through repetitions, you have trained your mind and body to act and react a certain way depending on the situations.

Over time, you find ourselves living on autopilot, not even realizing that your automatic/unconscious thoughts are managing your own life!

What’s more...

When you become aware enough to realize what’s going on and you therefore want to change, often the people in your life will react because you are disturbing their own world.

After all, as you trained yourself to be a certain way, you also accustomed others to a specific version of your personality.

So instead of the support you are hoping to get, you are facing resistance, with a side of guilt and shame!

In order to change, you first have to become aware of your internal chatter.

You have to be ready and open to honestly take stock of your thoughts, and emotions.

You have to be open to consider different perspectives, new definitions and ways of being.

You have to be willing to make that change non-negotiable.

You have to be ready to feel the discomfort that changes WILL generate.

You have to be strong enough to do the internal work despite the curveballs life throws at you.

You have to invest your energy, time and effort long enough to override the old programming while you install the new version of a better adapted set of beliefs.

You have to be willing to lose some friends along the way.

That’s why change is so hard.

Not only do you have to deal with your own mental zombies, you also have to do it despite what others think, and long enough to make that change your new reality.

But in the end, whose life are you living anyway?

Your parents?

Your spouse?

The society’s?

There’s a reason you feel drawn to make some changes...

Your soul has been calling you for some time.

Are you going to let it go right through voice mail once again?