How I Ended up Talking to Animals

I have always been drawn to animals. Younger, I wanted to save and adopt all the cats, dogs and birds I could find in my neighbourhood and in the woods behind my house. I used to put myself in trouble when visiting relatives because I was paying more attention to the family dog than the humans. In my kid’s mind, animals were so much more interesting!!

But as time went by, I started following the mass. I put behind me my highest excitements and did what I thought was expected from me. I realized one day that I had became one of those adults: talking about work, responsibilities, mortgage, landscaping, etc. Boooorrrring! Yawn!

Don’t you find it fascinating how life can take us on a path, where we are not too sure if it’s for us, but we go anyway... well... because apparently that’s what grown ups do!

After a couple of university degrees, a few courses into an MBA and over 20 years working for private companies and the government... trying to find what could keep my interest high for more than a few months was getting harder and harder.

One day it became too obvious that all this wasn’t my highest calling... that I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to do. I wanted to do more, to do different... but what?

And once again, life stirred me in a direction... except that this time, it was a path that I loved... a path, however, paved with tears, pain, heartbreak and sorrow at first.

My story into animal communication really began with the sudden passing of my sweet Annabelle. Annabelle was a beautiful, smart and clumsy Leonberger! She was full of life, enjoyed all the food she could find and didn’t care - at all - what others could think! She was living to the sound of her own drums. It was obvious that she was on a mission and that she was taking her role very seriously. She taught me so much... even if at times, it wasn’t very comfortable, and even if too often, I didn’t understand what she wanted from me.

Annabelle died in my arms on the cold floor of an emergency room. That night, at that very moment, my path became clear to me... I suddenly KNEW I had to find a way to communicate with her… even on the other side.

When I realized that she was gone, I felt a surge of energy... but not good energy... it was crappy-dense-poopy-cold-energy... within less than a minute after her crossing, I started shivering and vomiting. It was as if my whole body needed to expel my old self. That night a shift happened.

When I woke up from this terrible nightmare some 3-4 weeks later, I had only one idea in mind: honouring the memory of my baby girl.

While still deeply grieving her loss, I started studying, reading and learning everything I could find on the topic of animal communication. I literally became obsessed with it!

I wanted to become the voice of animals.

Animal communication is now my passion. It is my purpose and my way of living.

I love what I do and I must admit... I’m pretty darn good at it!

I like to say that I speak 3 languages: French, English and Animal.