When Was the Last Time You Updated Your Personal Instruction Manual?

You know that sensation deep in your stomach when you feel you’ve made a mistake?

You keep replaying the situation, pondering what you could have done instead.

This is so uncomfortable!

But what if what you perceive as being a mistake was just an outdated definition you live by?

Imagine how much better your life would be if you changed your definition of “mistake”?

I used to be so hard on myself for what I perceived to be wrong turns!

And since I felt strongly about them, the heavier the energy I was feeding into my energetic offering!

So of course, I would create more reasons to feel that pit in my stomach!

Once I understood that I was imposing that definition on myself, and therefore, I had the freedom to change it, a whole new world opened up!

The thing is...

From an energetic stand point, you cannot learn from a situation when you are in “I made a booboo mode”

and you certainly don’t have access to better quality thoughts that would help you see possibilities beyond your reality.

So what if you gave “mistake” a different definition:

- Unexpected turn of events

- Unexpected adventures

- Unexpected perspectives

It kind of makes the whole thing less dramatic, don’t you find?!

A new definition also helps you consider the situation differently, in a way that allows you to learn something new about yourself.

Living by a new definition

- helps you release the tension in your mind, and overall energy

- allows for a flow of better quality situations, people, and events in your life

- helps you learn more about yourself

So what if there was no mistake and no “right” decisions?

How much freer would you be when comes the time to take action?

This simple shift in perspective can have a major impact on the way you live your life.

So if the definition you’re using doesn’t work for you, create a definition that does.

That change will create a TOTALLY different life experience.

So depending on the kind of experience you prefer to have, it’s up to you to change your definition... or not!