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Letting Go

What if creating positive changes in your life was just a matter of releasing what no longer serves you?!

Since everything is energy, wouldn’t that make sense that by learning to let go of accumulated low frequency emotions such as guilt, anger, frustration or regrets, we would raise our own frequency?

And by raising our own point of attraction, we would then have access to better quality thoughts, people, and situations.

But the thing is, we were conditioned to think that hard work, struggles, and challenges were making our life more valuable.

And so, we go through life avoiding who we truly are, dismissing the messages our body is sending us, and running away from the turmoil of emotions.

We do whatever we can to escape the feelings of our fears, and by doing so, we project those exact same fears upon our world.

Humans are sentient beings, but yet, they are afraid to feel their very own emotions.

The problem with that is that you cannot run away from them.

By ignoring them, pretending that XYZ situation didn’t bother you, you’re just giving your power away to the exact thing that you fear!

After all, if you were to feel an emotion, what’s the worst that could happen?

Discomfort? Pain? Tears?

Emotions are NOT bottomless cave where you’ll be engulfed forever!

At some point, they will run out of fuel, and that's when the magic happens!

It is worth considering that your emotions might just be the key to a better health, a more fulfilling job, healthier relationships, and overflowing abundance.

We always have the choice: feeling the discomfort now and be done with it , or spending our time running away from our own shadow.


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