It's Just Like Magic!!

Today, as I am writing those lines... it is the second anniversary of the passing of my beloved Oscar. It is a very emotional time as even if I know my sweet handsome boy is still with me (along with his sister Annabelle!), I still miss his presence very deeply. And while I knew he was ready to go, there was a part of me who was still wondering until the very end if I was doing the right thing... if I had waited too long... if I should have waited a couple more days, etc. My boy’s passing inspired me to talk about an awesome experience I had recently with one of my clients.

Early December, a person contacted me to see if I could help her as she was really struggling following the passing of one of her dogs. When I first connected with her dog now in spirit form, he showed me the words “love”, “affection”, “soul connection” coming out of his chest along with a huge heart melting feeling in my chest.

While this was so amazing to witness and feel, I usually set my intention before a reading to get a clear message or indication confirming the identity of the animal. After all, if a person wants me to read her beloved pet, it is obvious that there is love and affection surrounding their relationship! I want something that will be so obvious and meaningful to the person that she will viscerally know that I have really established contact with her furry soul mate.

So right after that image, the dog showed me a clear and magnified picture of his front legs. It was as if his whole body was in the shade and suddenly the sun was shinning and magnifying this specific part of his body. Along with that image came the knowing that he wanted me to ask her about the very specific story that they both shared about his legs. He then told me that she would know exactly what story he was referring to.

As I usually don’t argue with a spirit, after describing the image of the front legs, I asked my client: “What’s up with his front legs? What’s the story you guys shared about this?”

The lady started laughing and gave me the most heartfelt O-M-G!!

She told me that as a puppy, her dog was very sick and had spent several days at the emergency with intravenous needles plugged into both his front legs. And because of that, he had remained extremely sensitive about his front legs and she was the only living being who could touch and massage them. She then completed her story by saying...”I know you are really talking with my dog... there was absolutely NO way for you to know about that!!”

And there it was... the confirmation.

That confirmation is so important to me because it represents the entry level for everything that will follow... messages, guidance, answers to the client’s questions and other confirmations. It is like pushing the button of a garage door opener... but instead of giving access to the house, it gives access to the soul. The person’s conscious mind can then accept the information that will follow, believe it and most importantly in such situation, bring the closure and the peace of mind regarding the passing of the animal.

In fact, the person was so at peace following the session that when I did another reading for her other dog who was showing signs of grieving, she told me that she felt guilty for not grieving him as much as she should have!! Don’t you find that interesting how our mind works at times? And we all do it!! We consult in order to find peace, we receive what we asked for and then we feel guilty because we think that we should be more in pain!

So before that second reading, I asked her to tell me more about her life following our previous session. Her very first comment was... I don’t know what you did, I don’t know what happened but it was just like magic!

Well, I won’t lie, it felt pretty good to hear that my reading had created something magic!!

My client explained that following the reading, there was a huge shift of energy and that she felt at peace and more connected to her dog now in spirit form. She said she wasn’t able to explain what had happened but all she knew was that she felt better, lighter and at peace. She repeated... it’s just like magic!

I thought her comment was interesting since even though I know what I’m doing... and that I’m super good at what I do, other than setting my intentions and asking that the reading be for the highest good of everyone involved, I really never know how things will turn out... and most importantly... what positive impact I will have on the lives of the people and animals I read. I do my best and I let go of expectations.

Often when my clients send me testimonials, it is about me... my abilities and how accurate I was. While I do love to read all that (who wouldn’t?!!), it makes my heart sing when I know I was able to help... when I made a difference in the life of a living being.

So following her verbal testimonial and the reading that night, I couldn’t help but think... how can I bring more “magic” into the world... how can I make a bigger difference... and of course... how does magic happen?!

If you are used to reading my blog, you now know that I LOVE stories about synchronicities! I am always in awe at all the events that are so perfectly orchestrated by Universal Intelligence. While a part of me would love to know and understand what happens during and following a reading, I prefer to let all that awesomeness in the very capable hands of the Universe!

Too often our conscious mind wants to control, know and understand. It seems that for something to be real, it has to be tangible, observable, measurable, repeatable, and explainable. If it doesn’t already exist, if the entire planet doesn’t know about something, it cannot be true.

Interesting no?! We cannot see nor touch wifi, but when we grab our cell phone, we know it’s going to work and that we will be able to connect with the people in our lives. So what does it take for human beings to believe that all sort of magic is right around the corner?

Well, I believe that we get to decide what kind of magic we want into our lives. We do not need to know the details nor see what’s going on behind the curtains... for me it would be like peaking in my mom’s closet as a kid to see what she had gotten me for Christmas. The search might be fun but we always end up being disappointed because we know!

Now that I know better... I control what I can - pre-reading meditation, intention setting, breathing exercise - and I let Universal Intelligence deal with the rest... because I believe in magic... and I love to be surprised!

P.S. I love you my sweet Oscar!!