Straight From the Horse's Mouth

You are worthy.

You are enough.

You matter.

I love you.

We all want to hear and feel those words.

Sometimes, in an unconscious attempt to “attract” these in our lives, we’ll do and say things that go against our soul.

During the weekend, I got the opportunity to do animal communication sessions for two young people in the Equine Assisted Learning program.

These two teens have had a very difficult start in life.

Pain, suffering, frustration, anger, abuse were part of their reality

and in return, became part of who they believe they are.

It’s not “the” truth, but it is “their” truth.

The “truth” they live by.

That “truth” filters how they see themselves and the world.

So what people do when they feel misunderstood, different, unlovable and broken?

They look for attention and love in all the wrong places.

They turn their dark emotions against themselves and others.

They act as if they don’t matter.

In an attempt to bring some relief to the pain that is boiling inside

they auto-mutilate, over-react, and create suffering around them.

Those kids have signed up for a great challenge in this lifetime.

Their trust in humanity is fairly low.

There’s one thing however that has the power to bring them solace, deep comfort, and peace

and that’s the CONNECTION they have with the horses they work with.

So when I bridged the interspecies communication gap during our sessions, those kids were not only able to feel that connection

they also got to hear the messages of love, hope, and courage their horses had for them.

I witnessed shifts in their body language as they were releasing stuck energy.

They were open to receive, and trusted the wisdom of their faithful companion.

You see, animals have that very unique ability to reflect back at us what needs to be acknowledged and healed.

And they do it in such a way that the humans who share that connection have no choice but to “really hear it”!

While words coming from a human could fly right above the head of those teens

when they come directly from the horses’ mouth, those words reach their target every time!

And that’s healing, for both the teen, and the horse.

Once a message has been successfully delivered, the animal knows that he can let go of that energy.

When messages of love and guidance are received by the person, layers of resistance, as well as dense and stagnant emotions find their way out.

The lighter the energy, the healthier the sentient being.

Don’t you love the healing power of animals?!