The House Fly Theory

Some of you may know... I am vegan. Along with eating a plant-based diet and using cruelty-free products, it also means that when there is a spider in the house, I gently ask it to walk on a piece of paper so I can give it a ride outside!

So the other day, while Boo was on the deck enjoying the sun and some fresh berries, I noticed that there was a fly on the patio door desperately trying to find its way out. I opened the screen door and showed it the way. To my surprise, every time I was trying to redirect it outside, the fly was coming back in. After several attempts, I couldn’t help but wonder... why is it that this fly has all the chances in the world to get its freedom back, but decides to stay - miserable - exactly where it is.

And then I thought... O-M-G!

How many times did we do this in our lives!?!

How many times, us, human beings, do we work way too hard to stay exactly where we are. Sometimes there is a HUGE window of opportunity that is wide opened right in front of us but we rationalize ourselves out of it.

Just like that fly, we fight, scream (okay, I didn’t hear it scream per say but if I were a fly I would have!!), swear and throw a fit while spending huge amount of time and energy to keep our environment exactly the way it is. All that because there is a part of us who believes that by controlling our environment, and behaving the exact same way, we will have control over our lives. That same part also believes that it knows better... that it knows what to do... because after all, our life is so comfortably anchored in our not always comfortable comfort zone!

But using only our rational mind to experience our human life is to cut ourselves out of the field of infinite possibilities. There is an divine intelligence that resides inside of us who knows better... who knows more... if we only took the time to listen to it.

When a window opens in our lives, and brings with it its share of changes, we know what we will loose if we step in... we don’t know, however, what goodies will come with that change. So very often, we don’t cross that line because we want a confirmation - beforehand - that the change will be good according to our very own definition.

And because we have been trained to fear the unknown, our mind usually goes directly into survival mode... already planning the worse case scenario that awaits us on the other side.

But how is it really working out for us?!

By preparing and expecting the worse case scenario, aren’t we creating it?

Energy goes where the attention goes.

Everything is made up of energy.

If we think, believe, expect and emotionally prepare for the worse to happen, we create that very same outcome. And then, we say: “See, I told you this would happen! I knew it. I could feel it.”

Well, of course!

And then we go through life thinking and believing that we know how things will turn out because we have created numerous experiences to prove us right. But in its limited wiseness, our rational mind forgets to consider that "it" was the very creator of all those “bad” experiences.

Since we can create - very well - worse case scenarios, I believe it is safe to say that we can also create - very well - amazing, fun, and wonderful experiences. In fact, we are only one thought away from all the good stuff that the Universe has to offer.

Just like that fly, we can choose to stay where we are until exhaustion, or we can step into the unknown thinking, believing and feeling that the Universe has our back.

Still don’t believe it? Give it a try and see what happens.