Through the Eyes of an Animal

I am often asked what I see when I look through the eyes of an animal.

While all animals are different

I’m always fascinated by their presence.

When I connect with animals and I ask them to show me how they feel, the first thing I usually notice is how spacious their mind is.

The world around me seems to slow down.

I cannot focus on two things at the same time.

My mind cannot be split.

The whirlwind of thoughts I’m used to feel suddenly disappears.

It’s like watching a movie in slow motion.

My thoughts are slower. My speech is slower.

There is a mindfulness that is bigger than life.

I feel peaceful and loving.

I cannot remember what happened earlier during the day.

I don’t plan for tomorrow.

It’s just me in the now.

It’s a fantastic experience to only be able to focus on one thing at a time.

It feels so good that I don’t even want to leave that state.

But I usually have to because the client is waiting!

No wonder animals have so much love in their eyes when they look at us.

Presence, love, and peacefulness is the filter through which they see us.

It feels good to be in their mind.

I understand why animals always want to follow “feel good” energy.

It feels so good!

That’s why they always want more of it.

That’s what they are made of.

And that’s what they want for us

to feel at peace, loved, loving, and present in the now

so we can create more of it.

Have you looked at the eyes of your pet lately?