Transcending Who You Think You Are

You know the feeling when you look at yourself in the mirror only to wonder who’s that person staring at you?!

You ask yourself: “How the hell did I get here?!”

You see, the moment you define yourself by putting an “I” before your declarations, you create labels that become part of your identity.

The problem is that we often forget that we can actually change them!

So you go through life trying to keep that “identity”, that version of yourself alive even when those labels are not at all who you really are.

During that time, your Higher Self is trying to get your attention by sending different people and situations that will make you so uncomfortable that you’ll hopefully rethink your way of living.

Your Higher Self can be quite patient with all your justifications and rationalizations about your current situation until the day it decides that’s enough, and that you need to move beyond what you think is possible.

After all, you didn’t come here to just live in the same sandbox, your soul wanted to grow and evolve.

When that happens, get ready because the fall could really hurt!

One of my clients learned it the hard way.

A few days ago during an afternoon of intuitive readings for her and her beloved horses and dog, my client suddenly asked me if I could intuitively know what had happened to her eighteen months earlier.

While I could feel that the event had affected the lower part of her body, what came out of my mouth straight away was

“You couldn’t move forward”!

Sure enough, she confirmed that she had fallen while rushing down the stairs, and ended up braking her ankle.

Talk about not being able to move forward!

That fall had a huge impact on her life, and forced her to reassess her way of being, and go deeper into her inner work.

Suddenly she was forced to “literally” be with herself, and slow down.

She had to sit with the discomfort and the pain, and ask herself bigger questions.

She had no choice but to voice her needs, ask for help, and most importantly


That imposed time-out put her on a very different life trajectory because of the work she did with it.

She understood that she couldn’t keep living on auto-pilot, rushing from one task to another.

It became clear that to change her way of living, she needed to change her way of being.

When the body and the mind are conditioned to live from a specific set of emotions and programs, that “addiction” prevents us from realizing that


When we manage to see our life as the result of the choices we make, we regain our POWER.

It’s never too late to update our labels and definitions.

NOW is always the perfect time to align with our soul's deepest desires.