What is Your Pet Trying to Tell You?

While you may think that animals have simple thoughts, such as “throw the ball” or “share your meal with me, can’t you see I’m starving”!

Know that an animal’s mind is way more elaborate than you might think, and it can also be quite crafty!

I once had a lady who was very concerned with her cat. She had taken him to the vet, only to discover that the cat was healthy.

But since he had been behaving in such a weird way, the lady finally decided to go beyond the “usual” path, and look for answers outside the box.

So she contacted me.

When I first connected with her cat, he started to make me feel sick in my belly. I could feel my heart skipping a beat. I felt quite dizzy.

All of a sudden, I was really not feeling well!

When I shared what I was perceiving with the client, of course, it didn’t resonate with her.

She assured me that her cat was healthy as per the vet’s assessment.

Since what I’d received was so “life like”, I knew there was something else going on.

When I asked her cat, he shared that his human was not taking care of herself.

The physical symptoms he’d made me experience was not his, but his human’s.

She was not following the recommendations of her doctor, her diet was less than desirable, and she kept taking care of others while dismissing the way she felt.

When I shared the message, there was a long pause.

She just couldn’t believe it!

While she thought the session was for her cat, it was actually the other way around!

Her faithful companion had changed his behaviour, making it so uncomfortable for her that she had to do something about it.

Once she confirmed the whole story, I was then able to address the concerns of her beloved companion.

She promised to make significant changes in her daily routine, and so when I checked on her and kitty the following week, her beloved companion was back to his normal self.

Isn’t cool?!

If the behaviour of your beloved furry companion has changed, and it’s not health related, chances are that he wants to “tell” you something.

How does your beloved pet communicate with you?