When Inner Work Leads to Awesomeness

Here’s something I know to be true

When you express a deep heart-felt desire with an intensity greater than your current circumstances

When you get out of your own way and let go of how things “should” be

You reap beyond what your mind could have ever imagined!

My harvest happened to be 17 horses, two dogs, and a cat!

How amazing!?

It all happened after months of deep inner work, and an intention that was so clear that I could literally smell it!

That desire was so strong that I KNEW I needed to act on that intuitive guidance now.

Sure enough, less than 48 hours later, I was asked to work with 17 horses as an Animal Communicator.

And since there is also an Equine Assisted Learning program happening there, they also hired me as an energy worker so I could help the horses on that program release the traumas they could absorb during the sessions.

So not only do I get to be voice of those magnificent and powerful, but yet sensitive animals, I’ll also put to good use all the energy modalities I’ve learned and practiced over the years!

Could this be more perfect!?

The thing is...

Enjoying the manifestation of our conscious creation has nothing to do with luck, or whether you had an easy and loving childhood.

It’s not about who you know or if you’ve been a “good” person all year. After all, Infinite Intelligence is not Santa!

Such success is about all those times you worked on yourself behind closed doors

all those days when you felt so lonely on the path of transformation

all those moments when you faced your fears, and took a leap of faith.

Inner work is not sexy, and is certainly not the easiest thing to do as lots of people would rather look away than to grow past their self-imposed limitations.

But when it’s done properly, and combined with guided and inspired actions

Success WILL happen

And it’s going to be WONDERFUL!