When life pushes us to face our biggest fear

Over the years, I have read many times, expressed in different ways, that our mind will create the very situation that we are afraid to face, just so we can overcome it. And because worrying is like praying for something bad to happen, our fears will sooner or later manifest, if we keep feeding this vibrational offering. I always thought that this idea was quite scary because after all, who goes around eager to face something unwanted! Well, a few days ago, I experienced such situation which gave me the opportunity to understand the concept at a much deeper level. If you have been following me for some time, you know how much I LOVE animals... ALL animals! It was no surprise to anyone when many years ago I went totally vegan or when I announced that I had just become a certified animal communicator. I mean... it was just the next logical step after all! So, of course, needless to say that I absolutely LOVE Boo, my sweet rescue boy that I adopted a couple years ago. I am sure we are on a very specific soul contract because the connection between us was instant and SO deep. It was love at first sight and we both knew we belonged together. The connection and mutual love that exist between us is so strong that it transcends words. So for the sake of keeping this post a bit shorter than a novel, just take my word for it! As you probably know by now, Boo was quite sick for a few weeks. He had two seizures and a really bad pancreatitis. These weeks were extremely difficult emotionally, physically and mentally. I felt lost, heartbroken and in great despair to the idea that he might not recover. Those emotions were directly proportional to the intensity of my connection with him. I know, pretty bad hug!? The funny thing is that I didn’t realize right away that I was facing one of my biggest fear: loosing my beloved Boo.

One morning, after another very short night of sleep spent taking care of Boo, I got up with a strong knowing: I couldn’t live like that anymore. I couldn’t live with the constant fear of loosing him. It was clear that my energy around us was not clean as there were some emotional strings attached. Unintentionally, I was putting pressure on him and I was feeding this low vibrational energy daily. I realized that morning that I was not giving him the freedom to just be. I was emotionally depended and my “well-feeling” was dependent on his “well-being”. So I sat down beside him and then something weird happened... my voice was suddenly quite low and I felt a strong sense of inner peace and rightness. I was feeling strong, calm and serene. And then I talked... I told him that I didn’t want to live anymore with that constant fear of loosing him, and that if he wanted to leave, I would hold his paw until the end. Somehow, I was releasing him. I gave him the freedom to choose to stay... or go. I also told him that if he chose to stay, I would “enjoy and be grateful” for our time together... without underlying intention. I didn’t want to just “take care” of him... I wanted to enjoy life with him. Talk about a shift of vibration!! During the whole time, Boo was facing the wall in a sphinx position, looking at me from the corner of his left eye. His head was up, his ears were square and I knew he understood everything I was saying along with the energy that was running through my body. I then kissed and hugged him as I usually do, and went downstairs to get ready for our early morning routine. Just a few minutes later, the doggy, who had been dragging his body and energy for weeks, was suddenly full of energy! I heard him running downstairs and when he showed up in the kitchen with his lovely smily face, I knew things would be different from now on. It was just during our walk that morning that the reference to the fear of loosing someone or something came to mind. I realized that I had not only faced one of my biggest fear, but that somehow I had found the strength to release it. By giving Boo the freedom to leave without any fear of losing him, I had removed the condition I was imposing on him. We were now free to just be... without that unhealthy needy attachment. I really don’t know how I found the courage that morning to say those words. It is almost as if I was channeling my higher self... that higher consciousness who knows and sees beyond the limitations of our human mind. That experience also gave me the awareness needed to look at the different areas of my life that could need some improvements to see what I could release, what fears was standing in the way and how I could apply the same healthy detachment to those situations. Now, while my love for Boo is still the same, I express it with a much cleaner vibration. And I know I will be heartbroken when he decides to leave his earthly shell, but I don’t have to bring in this feeling earlier than necessary. So... I invite you to scan the different areas of your life to find if there is a fear that you keep feeding energetically, and see if you can release the intensity just a tiny bit. The situation won’t change overnight, or maybe it will just like with Boo, but at least, you will give yourself greater awareness and more room to breathe.