You'll Remember Me

Something weird happens sometimes. Words seem to be spoken through me. I cannot say this is my “style”, but in those moments, I just write, and let it be. What image comes to mind when you read this?

You may not remember me

when you feel so lonely and misunderstood

I am the space where you can just be

I celebrate when you feel your true power

I wait for you when you feel pain so deeply

I wait for you patiently

knowing that you will remember who you are

I cannot live your life for you my love

but know that I am always feeling with you

in your best times

in your darkest moments

when you see no hope and no light

the path can feel lonely

but on this journey of self discovery

know that you are never alone my love

you never were

you’ll never be

I am holding the space for you

waiting for you to remember

the amplitude of your power

the beauty of your creation

and the depth of your heart and soul

you are not alone my love

you never were

you’ll never be

when you remember who you truly are

you’ll remember me © Isabel Tremblay