Are you Waiting to be Saved?

If you are an awakened being, very much aware that you came here as an extension of your soul, with the mission to learn specific lessons through life experiences, you know how this process can be uncomfortable, painful, and overwhelming at times!

Wouldn’t be fun if we could just pop a pill or see a healer with magic hands to be done with our life lessons?

Well, keep dreaming!

The reason these are YOUR life lessons, it’s because they are YOUR life lessons, therefor, only YOU can learn them!

Pretty deep stuff, hug!?

To save you some time and avoid any more delay on your path to freedom, here are a few things I have learned and/or observed that will hopefully resonate with you, and save you some time!

When dealing with LIFE LESSONS, know that NO ONE else can do the work for you! There is no guru out there who can take them, and kiss the boo-boo away! Get some help during the process to keep you on track, but ultimately, it’s your job to take concrete actions to finally learn what’s necessary for your soul’s growth!

YOU CREATE YOUR OWN TRUTH. You can find inspiration in others, read and learn to expand your awareness and raise your consciousness, you can ask a friend or hire a coach to have a neutral sounding board... but in the end, you have to find your OWN TRUTH. The truth that feels right in your heart IS THE PATH to follow.

YOU ARE A POWERFUL BEING. Stop putting other people on a pedestal, thinking that because they are more visible, they are better than you. We are ALL on a different and unique journey, and we ALL have super powers. Go within to discover yours, and STOP comparing apples with avocados!

YOU CANNOT HIDE! You can grab on to a soul crushing job while daydreaming to your retirement, go every weekend on a shopping spree, have a casual daily drink just to take the edges off, gossip, scream until your turn red in the face... but NOTHING will work long term. The nagging feeling that is rumbling in your belly cannot be permanently numbed. The longer you wait, the more painful your path to freedom will be, because it will intoxicate every area of you life on its way.

YOU ARE UNIQUE. Your presence on earth is NOT a mistake! So STOP behaving as if you were some sort of victim! Your uniqueness is required as NO one else can be you. Your gifts might not be the same as your neighbor’s, but they are as important... so STOP arguing for your limitations, and start investing in what makes your heart sing!

PERMISSION SLIPS ARE ONLY TOOLS. Read your daily horoscope, cleanse your crystals by putting them on the window seal during the full moon, spread your tarot cards, and burn sage if you want, but don’t let those permission slips take you away from the real deal: the INNER WORK! To change your external reality, you have to update your belief system and definitions, you must monitor your thoughts, take inspired and guided actions, and you need to reconnect with that bigger portion of you so you can listen to its soft whisper. This is not fancy nor shinny, but it is essential.

INNER WORK is all there is! That’s where I do most of my work with my clients. This is the beginning, the middle, and the end. Inner work IS the pathway to freedom!

In your life, how can you tell the difference between butterflies of fear, and butterflies of excitement? How does it feel in you body?

Copyright 2019 ⎟ Isabel Tremblay