Catching Feathers with a Hairdryer!

You know the nagging feeling you get sometimes because there is a recurring theme that keeps showing its ugly-weird-looking-face in your life?

When this two-headed monster knocks at your door in the middle of the night to remind you that it’s still there, patiently waiting for you to deal with it... you know it’s time to make some changes and realign.

These past months my schedule was crazy busy! There were too many requests coming from everywhere while there was only one of me who could deal with them and keep everybody happy.

At times, my friends “overwhelmed”, “tiredness”, “back-pain-pain-in-the-butt”, “butterflies belly” and all the “shoulds” on my “should-ers” can be soooooo annoying and needy! They are all expecting me to entertain them and feed them! Talk about a bunch of crazy freeloaders!!

In fact, the problem is not them... it’s the way I deal with them when I forget how powerful I am.

So when life gets busy to a point where there is no time to breathe, have you noticed that it is also then that life gets busier? And what usually happens is that your old habits come - uninvited - for a visit to see if you would consider working with them again. And if you are not aware of what is really going on, it would be easy to listen to the voice in your head and believe that in fact, you have not changed... that you are still the same person... so why do you bother trying to be a better human anyway?!

Mindfulness, daily meditation and breathing exercises can help you see though that veil.

Thanks goodness!!

So this morning was a crap shedding kind-of-morning! I could not exactly identify what was that heaviness in my belly but I knew something needed to be acknowledged, healed and released. So I took Boo for a walk, did some cleaning and then I got hit by a very powerful image... a butterfly - sign of transformation - and a feather. With that, I got a crystal clear knowing of what was going on: I was chasing stuff all around me instead of minding my own business, aligning with what I wanted and letting those things find me.


So powerful!

My first thought was... OMG!! I’m chasing feathers again!! And then I realized that not only was I chasing feathers... but I was trying to catch them with a hairdryer!

I know! Powerful image huh!?

And you know what happens when you try to catch a feather in the air... it runs away from you!!! Despite all the strength, and effort, and time, and precision you could combine to catch it, it will always fly away from you.

The same is true in real life. Because, in case you were wondering... I usually don’t run around my house or in my neighborhood with a hairdryer in my hand! After all, I have other weird stuff to do!

Now, aligning with the energy doesn’t mean sitting around waiting for stuff to be delivered at your door wrapped in a pink ribbon! You still have to take concrete steps towards whatever you want to achieve... but instead of doing it with a feeling of desperation or lack - because if you feel the need to chase something it’s because you don’t have it - your actions will be much more powerful if you first align with the thought and vision of what you desire, feel the feeling of then act.

Clear vision + elevated emotion --> action

Simple formula but it can be such a pain in the bum at times!!

Why? Because a simple process is often considered... “simple” as in “not effective”.

Human beings like to learn the hard way!

Our mind, which you could picture as half ego-half squirrel with a sprinkle of Tasmanian devil energy at times, wants us to believe that everything is an emergency, that everything has to be done yesterday and that we have to work hard to get a little. Our mind also wants us to accept that we have to be busy to be normal, that our life has to be made of “have to”, “must” and “should” to be considered successful. After all, haven’t we grown up with the belief that if one is not doing anything, that same one is lazy?! And who wants to be referred to as the lazy-bum in a group?!

You see, taking the time to center yourself, getting clear on what you want to achieve and feeling your way into it is not a waste of time or just another good reason to sit on the couch. It is THE way to achieve better results faster. Because when you try too hard, when your energy is scattered, you stop the flow coming from Universal Intelligence and you start swimming upstream in a river filled with thick gooey molasses. It is then easy to believe that everybody else is doing better than you do or that there is seriously something wrong with you.

Everyone has its own journey, with its very own challenges and successes.

Comparing yourself, trying to mimic others while forgetting your own greatness would be a mistake. What is true for them is not necessarily true for you. What worked for them might not be the best technique for you. You get to decide what is true to you, what resonates with you.

You are smart and powerful. Get inspired by others, get some help, hire a coach but don’t give your power away. Work with someone who can help you uncover limiting beliefs and perceived blockages but don’t expect the person to “heal” you.

Because the funny thing is... once a belief is uncovered and brought into the light of your awareness, it is often enough for you to start seeing some positive changes in your life. The realization of that belief will set in motion stagnant energies and will make it easier for you to work on it. But the thing is... it is YOUR job to keep nurturing that new found awareness. No healer can remove your challenges because these are the lessons you came here to work on and master. It would defeat the whole purpose!

Know yourself.

Take only what resonates with you.

Honor who you are and where you are.

Step into your greatness fearlessly and see what happens!