From Beliefs Thief to Subconscious Hacker

These past few months, I had quite a bit of problems with my laptop. The handyman in me tried to fix the cover with a piece of duck tape while the not-always-very-patient side of me was sometimes - I must admit - using it as a punching bag. Ouch! It was so laborious to open a page or save a document that I kept a book beside me or an episode of the Big Bang Theory (my favourite TV show!!) on stand-by so I could either read or watch TV while the grey little monster was dragging its imaginary feet!

Interesting how we often do the same thing in our life... we put up with a very uncomfortable situation instead of making a plan and taking the time to ‘really’ fix the problem. We know there is better ‘out there’ but a part of us prefers to suffer - often in silence - because of all the reasons our not-always-logical mind makes us believe.

BTW, have you ever noticed that your mind will agree or disagree with you just for the fun of it? You can decide one day that you don’t like your job anymore. Your mind will agree and find tons of reasons why you should quit your job. ... The next day, you wake up with a new appreciation for you job (the same one BTW!) and suddenly your mind agrees... and of course, will find all sort of good reasons for you to stay in that job!

Whatever we focus on, our rational mind will find reasons to justify our thoughts.

Asking advice from your mind would be like asking a weathercock for directions!!

So, after several months of pain, I finally decided to bring my laptop to the spa... aka the repair shop! Also, because I was seriously considering my front window as an option to fix the problem!! Everything went well except that when the time came to install the new operating system, the grey little devil didn’t want to recognize my password!! Talk about a jerk!!

So here I goes on a Saturday night trying to hack into my own computer. (And by the way, even if all the coding seems intimidating at first, it is SO easy... I mean child's play!!) After a few attempts (those codes are very picky!!), I managed my way in.

And then I realized... when you have the right instructions, and you focus your attention on a specific task, while believing you will succeed, it is fairly easy to change an uncomfortable situation. Isn’t the same thing with our own operating system?

Focused attention + elevated emotions + planned action + the belief it will happen = desired outcome

Kind of easy, isn’t it?

If we don’t update our beliefs, we are living our lives with an operating system that isn’t ours. Since most of our beliefs were lovingly given to us - more precisely impressed into our subconscious - before the age of 8, and because our rational mind was not developed at the time to assess the veracity of those beliefs, we took them as real and true, and cultivated them.

So really, we are like belief thieves! We took and kept something that wasn’t ours and forgot along the way to give it back... meaning to develop our own set of beliefs and get rid of the ones that are not serving us.

While waiting for something to happen (like a file to download!), we watch TV, read a magazine, work at a job that we hate, stay in a relationship that is clearly in a dead-end, put up with friends who drag us down in an attempt to ‘occupy’ time.

But how is this serving us anyway?!

I thought, if I was able to hack into my computer... how hard would it be to access my subconscious... to hack into my own operating system?

Of course, we could use prayers, affirmations, voodoo or any woohoo processes. But if we don’t access a certain state - meaning a certain brain wave - it’s going to bounce off or it will take us forever to make significant changes in our lives. After all, we are not 5 anymore!

Our mind is not as malleable as it used to be when you were only a tiny little kid. Over time, all our beliefs were confirmed, reinforced and ingrained into our subconscious. Because we believed them, we drew to us all sort of events and situations to confirm our ideas and state of being.

How do we bypass the mind to access our subconscious you are probably wondering? I’m warning you... you won’t like my answer.

You meditate.

Yup. Boring hug?!

But it works!

I’ve now been meditating for an hour - every day and sometimes twice a day - for the past 3 weeks. And while my life has not turned upside down, I am glad to report that very cool things are happening to me now on a daily basis. I feel different, and life mirrors back at me my internal state of being.

Very nice people are coming into my life, I find money pretty much everywhere I go, I receive awesome offers, and great opportunities are constantly showing up at my door.

How awesome is that?!

Sometimes my ego will show up and try to convince me that I’m wasting my time, but I know better now. After all, it takes a bit of time to create awesomeness. And, asking for immediate results would be like going to the gym once and wondering why we are still fat!

It took us years to cultivate those beliefs and create our reality along them... it would be silly to think that we can reverse the situation overnight.

You too can hack into your own operating system. If I can do it, you can do it.

Forget the duck tape or any other tools to try to make your life better.

Sit still. Clear your mind. And stay.

Your soul is waiting for you. Patiently waiting...