It's Not What You Think!

The good thing with intuition is that it allows to see beyond the words.

It creates images and provides information that are deeply buried, and often invisible to the person.

I recently had a client who became very impatient when I asked her how worthy to receive she felt.

I know, it’s a very direct question. But sometimes, that’s what it takes to shake the mind!

Here’s the thing:

What you think is going on in your life is not really what you think.

It is a projection of your subconscious mind.

You see, what you unconsciously feel or believe is often the opposite of what you think you consciously believe.

For example, it’s not because you think you deserve to receive, that your energetic message will be heard as such by others and the Universe.

You doubt it? Look around!

You feel you should have gotten that promotion but it landed on someone’s else lap?

You wonder why you always end up with the shortest end of the stick despite the love and care you give to others?

You do everything for everyone around you and no one seems to notice?

These situations are not random.

They are the manifestations of what you unconsciously believe to be true about yourself.

They shed light on the conclusions you drew about yourself and the world when you were little.

They highlight the beliefs and definitions you live by without even being aware of it.

And because you cannot see what’s hidden from you, you just believe that’s how you are, or that’s your destiny, your faith.

You witness others enjoying great opportunities, and you secretly tell yourself that one day it’s going to be your turn.

Well, luck or faith has nothing to do with it.

As within, so without.

A good place to start is to become aware of your thoughts and emotions when dealing with life events.

And since you cannot heal what doesn’t belong to you, another important step is to let go of the energetic fragments that you have borrowed from others along the way.

Mind your own karmic and dharmic experiences and let others do the same!

It’s not your job to take on the life lessons of others!

To welcome the new, you have to make room in your energy.

No need to remain stuck in that same old, same old.

You have the power to move your present forward in the direction you really want.