Not Knowing "HOW" is the Reason "WHY" it is Possible!

Your mind is very crafty.

It will make you believe that you have to know “how” to do something or “how” to achieve a goal before you start.

To your mind, if it cannot see how a certain thing can be done, it means it’s not possible.

“It’s not who I am.”

“I just need some time to wrap my mind around it”

Sounds familiar?!

Such thoughts usually lead to... same old, same old.

If you want to create something new, not knowing “how” is the reason why it is possible!

You see, your brain is like a very specialized recorder.

It recorded everything that happened to you, or around you, from the moment you were born, and even a bit before!

All your stories, emotions, experiences, lessons learned... or not, the conclusions you drew about life, the beliefs and actions of people in your life, are embedded in the fabric of your mind.

Some content is useful, and very active in your conscious mind. You use it to go about your days, interact with your coworkers, create new desires, and find solutions to questions such as “What should we have for dinner?”

Some of that content, however, found shelter in your subconscious. Well hidden and comfortably seated below your awareness, it can project itself onto the screen of your life, without you knowing it.

Every time you react the same way to a specific situation, decide in advance how a new relationship will turn out, or make yourself small to protect the sensitivity of others, know that it is a production of your unconscious programming.

It is not your Unlimited True Self.

It is just your smaller self who’s trying to keep you in a state of homeostasis.

Therefore, when you try to wrap your mind around a new goal, you keep yourself in the known. And because of that, you can only create equal to what you have already experienced.

When you want to create a new level of results, or stop seeing the same patterns showing up in your life, it is essential to become aware of your thoughts, let go of the - conscious and unconscious - beliefs that no longer serve you, get out of your own way, and be open to the discomfort of “not knowing”.

While it may sound scary, not knowing is a good thing!

It opens the door to new synchronicities, and gives Universal Intelligence some room to maneuver.

And remember, you don’t have to do it all alone.

There’s always some help and guidance just around the corner!

(Can you see the "S" in the sky?!)