The Thermostat Revelation

Hey! I’m back! I know... it’s been a long time! I was busy with some stuff and more stuff and with my certification and other stuff... but then earlier this week, one morning while walking Boo, I got hit by inspiration and I really wanted to share my thoughts with you!

So here I am!

It all started on a very cold morning and despite the icicles on my eyelashes and a runny nose, I was just so very grateful for all the awesomeness and wonderful synchronicities that were happening in my life. I was in a deep state of gratefulness!

My sweet handsome Boo was doing his usual sniff-smell-walk-while-dragging-his-booties-on-the-sidewalk-sniff-pee and I was beside him, all smily, wondering what fun stuff would find its way into my life that day! Isn’t an awesome feeling to “know”... I mean viscerally know that from the unknown, goodness will manifest in our life?

You see, sometimes it takes time for information to be processed by our gut. Often we need to hear, read and talk about a concept for weeks, months or even years before we truly get the meaning of it and find ways to concretely apply it in our lives.

So the major realization I had recently was that life doesn’t happen to me... I create it. I know, this is not a new concept! We hear that all the time... but have you really processed that piece of information?

I mean... that’s HUGE!

Because, if you truly believe that you create your life with your thoughts, emotions and actions... why is it that doubts are still part of your life?! Why is it that in the middle of the night you wake up only to be surrounded by your deep fears and doubts?

For me, that was a big thing... I mean... a hell-of-a-gigantic-dinosaurus-thing!

It was also like the chicken or the egg... which one came first?!

Even though I firmly believed that my thoughts created my reality, I was not always walking the talk! Way too often I thought that it was necessary for me to worry about my future... as if by worrying, I would prepare in case that poo hits the fan.

The big question here was... do I worry because though times are coming my way or tough times are coming my way because I worry?! Deep stuff huh?!

My big problem was that I was not consistent in my way of believing that I was the one creating my life.

Oh and BTW, C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-C-Y is a key word here in case you missed it!

From time to time, I let thoughts of doubts and fear into my mind. And because doubts and fear were at the base of my beliefs and emotions... I was attracting more situations that made me doubtful and fearful. You see, those situations didn’t “happened” to me because I was a bad person (I stop believing in Santa Clause many years ago!!) or because I didn’t deserve good stuff, they showed up in my life because my vibrations were filled with worries and doubts. Life had no choice but to serve me a taste of my own cuisine!

This was a major realization for me. Because my main point of attraction was set to “doubts” on my vibrational thermostat, Universal Intelligence delivered right on my door step, situations, people and events of matching vibration. I know, put this way it sounds logical and easy you are probably saying! It’s like theuuu!!! But when we are in the middle of it, when it happens in our life, it is much harder to see. I’m sure you’ve had that experience! You can see what’s wrong in your brother-in-law’s life but you cannot see the pink rhinoceros in your own living room!

Those situations had nothing to do with my worthiness, my goodness or my awesomeness... nope! They were just the reflection of my very own underlying belief system. If you work hard to somehow proof that you are good enough, worthy enough or quite awesome, there may be some unconscious beliefs generating those behaviours... and you really need to look at them.

It’s really weird to “know” that if I set my thermostat to 22.5 degrees Celsius, my very faithful and neutral furnace will deliver exactly what I requested... I do not need to go check every minute or so to see if the temperature in the house is raising or if the furnace will stop when it achieved its goal. But why is it that the same concept seems so difficult to grasps when it’s about our life? After all, the Universe - which is so much smarter - works just like a big furnace - always neutral and straightforward... responding to whatever we set our mind/emotions/actions on the vibrational thermostat! It doesn’t really care what we ask for... it just delivers!

Why do we humans have to bring the ideas of worthiness, goodness, luckyness (I know it’s now a word but I needed a rime here so work with me please!) to the equation?? I mean, really?! Why do we like to make things more complicated than they are?! And I know what I’m talking about because I’m the queen in that department!!

Since the Universe is a neutral force who doesn’t give a rat’s furry behind as to what it delivers to us... just like my furnace... I find interesting that many of us still consider it like a parent... wishing that it will bend if we whine enough or make our bed before going to work!

Often we hear... I am a good person, why is it so hard to find a mate? ... or... I deserve to have a better life... I work so hard why life is so difficult? And I’m sure you could had many more examples to those sentences but I’ll stop here. I’m sure you get the gist!

The trick is... all those ideas are filled with fear, doubts, and the need to receive something as a proof of our worthiness. And since our thoughts and emotions are filled with all those low vibration feelings and emotions... and that Universal intelligence responds to our emotional frequencies... we don’t get what we want. We get more situations equivalent to the level of our emotional equation. And because we don’t receive what we believe would be a proof of our worthiness, we don’t feel worthy! And of course, we then feel more doubtful and the circle continues.

So with that realization, I’ve decided to experiment this concept and to put all my energy and attention to it... daily. Remember the key word? C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-C-Y. Glad that you are still following me!

For the past few weeks now, I’ve been telling a different story. I tell it the way I want it to be. Not based on my past, but how I see my future. I’ve added to this process my very own technique and twist so I’m quite curious to see where it’s going to take me!

So far, not every item on my list has been checked yet, but I am glad to report that quite a few did! And it all happened better than I had expected! So now when I wake up in the morning, because I “know” it works, instead of thinking, oh boy... another day. I get up, full of energy and all excited to see what’s the next thing I’m going to check off my list!! I might not know how nor when it will happen, but I now know... for sure... that it will.

And that’s all I need to know!