When the Consciousness is Ready... the Book Appears

I like to write my blog on Sundays. I’ve been doing it for several weeks now and it is as if the energy is - usually anyway!! - waiting for me to sit down with my coffee, Boo by my side, and my laptop on my lap ready to write about life stuff!

Sunday morning arrived... and went. Tic-tac-tic-tac. Sunday afternoon... nothing... with a capital “N”. Even my "Book of Great Ideas" had nothing to inspire me. I thought it was weird as I’m usually hit by a great idea hours before being ready to write... but this past Sunday was not that kind of day.

At first I wanted to put pressure on myself, give myself a hard time for not being able to perform... and then I realized that this was an old programming that needed to be released.

It is noteworthy to mention that Sunday was also a day of crap shedding (if you haven’t read that blog post, please do so!). Not a big one... but enough to make me feel... blah.


So after a couple of deep breaths, I just decided to accept the situation and try to be somehow productive. And BTW... when crap hits the fan - aka “mind” - it is better to be active, shift that dense-crapy-poopy energy and give it the heave-ho!!

Under the strict supervision of Boo, I managed to find the will to do some yard work. In between his snoring sessions, my furry foreman was keeping an eye on the amount of brown bags full of leaves and branches I kept piling by the deck. I was actually amazed by the quantity of weeds there was in such a tiny backyard! This could actually be a cool blog topic: The Backyard Theorem!

At the end of the afternoon, while dreaming of a warm shower and a comfy pajamas, Boo reminded me that his snooze-shift was over and it was time for his just-before-dinner-walk. So off we went...

That’s when things got interesting! Keep reading!

You know when you keep bumping into someone but for some reasons you never talk to that person? And then, out of the blue (we think!), that person walks straight at you and initiates a conversation... well, that’s what happened.

At first, it was just your normal casual let’s-talk-about-the-weather or OMG-your-dog-is-so big kind of conversation. But after just a couple of sentences the person said: “Don’t move, I have a book for you”. And than he left.


Yup! I was as surprised as you!

He came back some 40 seconds later with this book...

This book talks about animals (see the connection here?!) and how they help raise human consciousness.

I know... deep stuff!

On my way back home, while Boo was busy sniffing all the blades of grass he could find, I was thinking... very often when we experience doubts and uncertainty, when we feel uneasy because things are not going our way, it is easy to go back to our old paradigms and thought patterns.

But how is this serving us anyway?

We create our reality not by hoping and wishing but with our actions, our emotions and our thoughts. I deeply believe that because I decided to step outside of my default setting yesterday and made an effort to connect with a force greater than myself, the Universe found a way - through this person - to connect with me and to send the matching vibrations of my uplifted state of mind.

I was not expecting this. I didn’t plan for this. I just did my best to be a better version of myself. I wasn’t a superwoman and I certainly didn’t feel like it! In fact, fighting the strong desire to just revert to what I had been for so many years was an extremely difficult task and required all my awareness and presence.

When we take the first steps, when we show the Universe that we mean business, and most importantly, when we tell our monkey mind that its glorious days are over, we open the door to greatness.

When that person lent me that book, I knew there was something in there for me that I really needed to hear.

The messenger showed up when I was least expecting it. I was tired, I didn’t have much expectations other than my fleece pajamas and thick socks... and of course, I had given up on the idea of writing my blog. And I was fine with it.

So last night, when I sat down with the book, I needed to pause and express my gratitude for such a perfect synchronicity.

When things don’t go as fast or as well as we would like, it is sometimes hard to stay focused and to believe in ourselves. When we look around us and all we can see is the exact same reality as yesterday, it is often difficult to have faith and trust that the internal changes that we make will eventually manifest in our reality.

Every project has its own incubation time. I know that. Mentally.

But it is not until that knowing has made its way down the spine all the way to our gut that we can fully process it and understand it viscerally. Up until then, it is just theory.

That book helped me move that knowing down South!

That book was as comforting as a hug from Boo. Yup, THAT comforting!

Thanks to that book, I found a space of stillness in times of uncertainty. I forgot about the past and the future, and I was just “here and now”. Suddenly, there was no time and space. There was just me. And Boo, of course! I felt at peace, as deep down I knew that everything was in perfect order.

In this book, Eckhart Tolle talks about animals in such a beautiful way...

Animals have the divine purpose to help us grow.

Animals don’t judge themselves, they just are.

Animals teach us to live in the present moment - here and now.

Animals are part of our lives to remind us of our eternal state of connectedness.

Animals have no voice but they speak love better than human beings.

He writes:

“Their essence - their Being - is not covered up by the mind, as it is in most humans.”

I was in awe!

And then I read:

“The key to transformation is to make friends with this moment.”

Wasn’t how it all started yesterday? I made friends with the situation... the moment. I didn’t try to force it because of some sort of plan or schedule. I just accepted what was.

And because of that, greatness found me.

As you already know, one of the reasons I wanted to learn interspecies communication was to be the voice of animals. I was - and still is - on a mission to share their divine messages.

This book reminded me of my very own purpose.

So if you ask me what I am thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day... well... you know!