You Can't Hide!

Have you ever walked into a room only to feel a bit edgy around certain people, but comfortable around others?

Do you know that waaaayyyy before you say something, people around you will already have a good sense of who you are?

Scary, isn’t it? But so real!

Whatever is active in your energy field can be sensed by your environment, either consciously or subconsciously.

When I do an intuitive reading, I perceive the energy of my clients, and then, translate back what I’m sensing.

Because their energy field is the sum of EVERYTHING that they are - conscious thoughts and subconscious beliefs included - it’s fairly easy to get a great picture of what’s going on!

The major blocks I see the most are...

- unworthiness

- guilt/shame

- victimhood

- not “good enoughness”

- not feeling supported

What does that mean concretely for you?

If you constantly feel guilty about not doing enough, you will attract more situations and reasons to feel that way...

because that’s the “energetic offering” you are constantly sending out.

And because everything is made of energy, and energy is information...

you keep magnetizing the same type of “answers” to your “offering”!

So, no wonder you keep seeing the same patterns wherever you go!

You see, you cannot escape your energetic field!

It is running the show below your awareness, bringing you all sort of situations and people to remind you of its content!

So if you have tried to improve a certain area of your life for some time, and you haven’t been able to manifest the desired result/outcome, it’s because your vibrational offering hasn’t changed.

What you put out, is what you get back.

It’s simple physics!

Only by managing your internal world can you see an objective manifestation of such change.

First comes awareness, then conscious implementation.

Making sense?

Are you aware of what you’re sending out?